Frequently Asked Questions

- What is RESN?

Regional Education Support Network (RESN) is a not-for-profit student network that offers rural and regional students free educational support, such as tutoring, mentoring, and access to study resources. We currently provide 1,400 students in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria with our full suite of academic support services.

After finishing school, starting university and meeting people from different parts of Victoria, we quickly realised that the tutoring opportunities available to us in Melbourne are very different to those available elsewhere in Victoria. Whilst many metropolitan students can hire a whole support team of expensive tutors, many regional and rural students all around Australia are left to churn away at those tough questions alone. We thought it highly unfair that this reality continues to shape the high school experience of many across the state and it was this dissatisfaction that motivated us to create RESN.

Originally founded by some of Victoria's top students, RESN has now grown to encompass a diverse and experienced team of over 500 passionate volunteers in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. We offer a unique online tutoring network designed for the 21st century, an approach that is accessible for all regional and rural students. RESN is innovative, exciting and new - we hope you agree.

At RESN, we take the safety of our students and tutors very seriously. For more information, please visit the following page.

We would really appreciate any help with the following aspects of our RESN initiative:

1. Informing students of our service through a brief assembly announcement.
RESN would benefit greatly from your endorsement in an assembly or form group environment. Such an announcement could be based on this short brief. It could entail a brief outline of RESN’s function, how RESN works and the possible benefits of RESN - we would recommend using our RESN Overview. Any questions that arise from the student body can be forwarded onto the RESN team.

2. Recommending several (2-3) RESN Student Ambassadors to assist us in promoting RESN among the student body.
The purpose of the RESN Student Ambassador position is to connect the RESN initiative with the student body. This role involves promoting RESN throughout the school’s student body and wider community, ensuring RESN becomes and remains a popular destination for tutoring in your school, and acting as a liaison between your school’s student body and the RESN team. Additionally, RESN Student Ambassadors have the opportunity to join the RESN team after they have finished school in either an administrative or tutoring capacity. An ideal RESN student ambassador is a student who is well-respected among their peers, diligent in all their work and, perhaps most importantly, understanding of RESN’s aims and aspirations.

3. Connecting us with any other schools that may be interested in their students benefiting from the RESN experience.
RESN is dedicated to reaching as many regional and rural students as possible. By establishing a strong reputation for effective and efficient solutions to VCE questions, we hope that you would be willing to share our name with other school colleagues and friends in country Australia. We would greatly appreciate it if you would pass on our details to interested schools or colleagues to enable us to build partnerships with as many schools as possible!